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With rows of skyscrapers lining the Sheikh Zayed road, multiple mega malls and many multi-million pound offshore developments, Dubai may look like a temple to the petrodollar but as anyone who spends more than a few days here will tell you, there’s far more to the city than that. It's hard not to admire Dubai and Abu Dhabi for their indefatigable verve, gutsy ambition and ability to dream up and realise projects that elsewhere would never get off the drawing board. This is a superlative-craving society that has birthed the world's tallest building, an island shaped like a palm tree, a huge indoor ski paradise, the world's fastest roller coaster and – soon to come – architect-designed art museums of international stature.

Places to visit

  • Burj Al Arab
  • Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Fountains
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • Global Village
  • Palm Island
  • Dubai Creek