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About The Company

Ahaa Citizens is a member only club dedicated to save your time and money while booking your long haul holiday or city break. If you enjoy exploring new places & meeting new friends in a peaceful and happy atmosphere, we assure that you will love of one our holidays.

Whether it’s a couple of days besides the sea, mountains, a heavenly visit to your shrine or be it your anniversary, you can be sure that ahaa holiday has taken good care of everything.

We are proud to say that we firmly believe in economics of scale & long term human relationships & that’s the reason a huge percentage of our clientage return to us year after year .If you are one of our many old friends or becoming a prime citizen of Ahaa Citizens for the very first time, we assure you that the memories of these vacations you will cherish for life long.

We remain a privately owned, specialist company that puts, all its energy into just one thing "exceeding your expectations".


To become a consumer-focussed, process oriented organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to redefine the "happiness" for our stakeholders.


Our mission is to be leader of change in inspiring common man to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives with optimism.

To shape this we will deliver operational excellence in each corner of the company and convene to go beyond our commitment to meet the objectives that we serve.